My wife and I would like to say Thank you so much for installing our wet room. I can now safely have showers and baths by myself, with peace of mind. Brilliant!

Luxury Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are fast becoming the new ‘must have’ feature in people’s homes and many people are opting to transform their current bathroom into an area that is stylish, streamlined and luxurious.

A wet room can be described as a bathing room which has been fully waterproofed (known as tanking) and had the existing bath and shower cubicle removed in favour of a shower which is designed at a level matching the surrounding floor with a gentle slope to ensure water drains away neatly.

Luxury wet room features

Luxury wet rooms have numerous benefits and can instantly add value to a home. It is possible to install a wet room in almost any size room in a house; this could be through the redesigning of an en-suite or even a downstairs broom cupboard. In previous years a wet room had to be installed on a concrete or screeded floor, this meant that luxury wet rooms were only ever found on the ground floor of properties, recent innovations in the design of products how now allowed wet rooms to be installed in any area of the house.

The biggest feature of the wet room is the fact there is no step to climb into the shower; this gives the room maximum space and can make even the smallest of rooms appear large in size, having no obstacle in the way when climbing in to the shower is also a big plus for children, elderly and disabled people.
Luxury wet rooms are made so with the addition of bespoke shower head and accessories and also with the use of modern stone or ceramic tiles; there are many companies that provide these luxury items as part of their service.

Using a professional company to install a wet room helps in maximising potential and achieving a luxurious finish; however, it is also possible to buy a wet room kit and create a DIY luxury room. One particular feature that makes a standard wet room a luxury one is the addition of under floor heating.

Under floor heating in wet rooms

Under floor heating can be a great addition to a wet room and is seen as the ultimate in luxurious living. The installation of under floor heating is something that is generally not possible in regular bathrooms due to the possibility of water damage, the fact that wet rooms are tanked means that water and moisture escaping is eradicated.

Under floor heating can be used under both timber and concrete flooring and will heat the room at generally one or two degrees below standard heaters, the aim is to heat the person as opposed to the area. Under floor heating is generally installed using cable mats or cables with fixings and has two heating levels: direct and indirect. The system is designed to be easily installable and simple to use via thermostat.

Luxury wet rooms with under floor heating will provide excellent comfort whilst being at the same time being cost friendly and economical to run.

Luxury Wet Rooms