My wife and I would like to say Thank you so much for installing our wet room. I can now safely have showers and baths by myself, with peace of mind. Brilliant!

Wet Room Floor Tiles

A wet room is an environment that has level access showering and allows anyone to enter the shower without any step or sill to contend with. They have become more and more popular over the past few years and are now first choice on many people’s lists when it comes time to reinvent the bathroom.

Wet rooms are excellent in maximising space in a small area and are also open to unique design and layout. Installing a wet room is now cheaper and easier than ever with the availability of wet room kits. A kit will include everything you need to fit a level access shower and water proof the room and once complete you are able to move on to the tiling of the room.

Tiling a room, whether it is one by you or a professional contractor is the best part of the job. It is the last step in having the wet room of your dreams. To get the point of tiling the room you will first need to choose the type of wet room floor tiles you wish to have, this can prove tougher than installing the wet room, purely because of the available choice.

Choosing wet room floor tiles

A wet room is designed with a slight gradient. This allows the water to flow easily towards the drain at all times and ensures the floor is kept dry, and however, as with any tiled floor, there is a risk of slipping. When choosing wet room floor tiles you should look to find a tile that is designed to provide the best possible slip resistance. Tiles that are designed for wet areas are graded with a barefoot rating, the best possible tile for your wet room will be one that has a barefoot rating of ‘C`, this will mean the tile has gone through (and passed) rigorous testing. C-rated tiles are commonly used in, and around swimming pools where slip resistance is a must.

Good choices for C-rated wet room floor tiles are:

  • Sediments floor tile range; these are from the Elements collection by Johnson Tiles.
  • The Kerastar Rocktop range is also by Johnson Tiles.
  • The Pinhead tile by Pilkington Tiles is also a good option as it is designed with a textured surface and small, raised spot pattern.

Choosing a ceramic or porcelain tile may also prove to be beneficial. Other tile materials such as stone and slate become effected by water and will require resealing every few months. This can be both time-consuming and costly.

Recommended stockists of wet room floor tiles

There are many stockists that supply wet room floor tiles, specifically for the job, as mentioned earlier Johnson Tiles and Pilkington Tiles are two good options that stock a healthy range of styles and colours.

Topps Tiles is another excellent store that not only has tiles but also in-depth tutorials on how to lay them.
Wickes is another recommended stockist of wet room floor tiles and has a good range of different sizes, colours and styles.